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Best Internet Service Provider in Khulna

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Broadband internet is the blessing of the modern age. Khulna is a large city with innovation in information technology, engineering, and industrialization. Khulna is the 3rd largest city in Bangladesh. Khulna located in the southwest part of Bangladesh. Khulna is a district and a division. Khulna economy is the third largest position, one sea post-Mongla, and has the world’s largest Mangrove forest Sundarban. Khulna municipal council established on 12 December 1884 and Khulna city corporation established on 6 August 1990.

We are going to share the Internet service providers in Khulna city. We consider reputed fiber optics internet service provider, they have a good number of customer and have a good reputation. You can choose available internet service from here in your Khulna area without further confusion. We have collected all information based on users’ experiences, the total number of users, infrastructure, internet networking, electricity, service, support, and based on best broadband internet user experiences in the last 12 month period. We also consider the best internet service provider’s support, service, internet speed, uptime, and support during emergency periods.

First, you need to know some information about your internet service provider. In general, we never ask our internet service provider if they have a government-approved internet service provider ISP license available or not. Additionally, your internet service provider needs permission from BTCL if any license holder needs to start an Internet service providing business. So, when you are going to request your internet service to your local provider, ask them as an approved internet service provider or not, if yes ask them to show their internet service provoking license and BTCL approved copy that they have legal permission to provide internet service locally. Another thing is if your internet service provider offers networking via fiber optics, this means you have high possibilities to get stable connectivity and less frequency loss during packet transmitting via fiber optics rather than CAT6 cable. So It’s important to know all about this before ensure your internet service provider. This is better if you can ask so of your local neighbors if they are using internet services and status about it. Anyway, we are trying here to let you ensure a better internet service provider in Khulna city in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Internet service providers in Khulna Bangladesh:

Position: 1


S.S. Ali ISP & Co.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star

Best Internet Offer: 8 Mbps TK 750/month

  • Address: B.J.A Bhaban, 544 Upper Jashore Road, Daulatpur, Khulna-9202
  • Phone: 09639330044
  • Website: ssaliisp.net
  • Why S.S. Ali is the top internet service in Khulna: Because S.S. Ali ISP & Co. have the largest internet networking in the Khulna division. They have network connectivity in all roads, lanes, highways of Khulna city. In Khulna, S.S.Ali first introduced fiber optics broadband internet technology in 2015. This company has the biggest local area networking all over the southwest zone of Bangladesh. S.S.Ali ISP first installed Google and Facebook Cache Server in Khulna, this server is helping users to get faster access over Google services and Facebook services. S.S. Ali first introduces the biggest FTP server for getting access to millions of video content, tutorial, songs, movies, and more. S.S.Ali has the fully vertical establishment of support and services. They are using their power substation to ensure 24/7 hour internet accessibility, instant support via phone call, and physical team. Additionally, they have their own server station will all the latest technology by Cisco and Huawei networking equipment. S.S.Ali R&D is skilled and developing new strategies to install new procedures to ensure higher speed internet all over Khulna district. S.S.Ali have more than 8 offices and NOC station all over Khulna. This company is approved by Bangladesh Government and focuses to help people to get better internet at home and offices. Bangladesh Military approved internet service provider and awarded a couple of times as the best internet service provider in Khulna zone. For all the above reasons S.S.Ali & Co. is our first choice of broadband internet service provider in the Khulna district.

Position: 2

Largest Internet Service Provider(ISP) link3 logo

Link3 Technology

Best Internet Offer: 8 Mbps TK 1290/month

  • Address: City Trade Centre, 3rd Floor 75 kda Avenue, Khulna
  • Phone: 09678123123
  • Website: link3.net

Position: 3


Speed Net Khulna

Best Internet Offer: 6 Mbps TK 750/month

Position: 4

BTCL | Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited


Best Internet Offer: Corporate and business connection only

  • Address: 37/E, Telejogajog Bhaban, Eskaton Garden, Dhaka
  • Phone: 16402
  • Website: btcl.gov.bd

Position: 5

Bahanno ISP

Best Internet Offer: 7 Mbps TK 700/month

  • Address: 28/3, KDA Avenue (Dalmil Junction) 8th Floor, Khulna.
  • Phone: 01909525252
  • Website: bahannoisp.com

Position: 6

Khulna Net 24

Best Internet Offer: 8 Mbps TK 800/month

  • Address: House-161,Road-11,Sonadanga R/A(1st phase), Sonadanga,Khulna-9100
  • Phone: 01907263690
  • Website: khulnanet24.com

Position: 7

Salt Sync

Best Internet Offer: 7 Mbps TK 700/month

  • Address: 3 K.D.A. Avenue, Khulna,9100
  • Phone: 01511-260-260
  • Website: sync.net.bd

Position: 8

Amber IT

Best Internet Offer: 20 Mbps TK 1200/month

  • Address: 2/A, k.D.A. Avenue, Khulna.
  • Phone: 01708 490 279-0
  • Phone: 09611123123
  • Website: amberit.com.bd

Position: 9

ICC Communications

Best Internet Offer: 10 Mbps TK 800/month

  • Address: S N Centre, Plot 15-18 (Gr. Floor), Lane 6, Block D, Mirpur-12
  • Phone: 09639123125
  • Website: icc.com.bd

Position: 10


Best Internet Offer: 20 Mbps TK 1290/month

  • Address: Navana Tower(11th Floor) 45 Gulshan South C/A, Circle
  • Phone: 09606100700
  • Website: agni.com

Fiber optics broadband is a big development all-around in Khulna city. Nowadays, there have large development of companies, industries and structured by Bangladesh Government and private investors including foreign investors. The Internet makes this happen because we know all communications and networking in the modern age fully based on internet technology. high-speed broadband internet in the demand of the modern age. Fiber optical speedy internet is the base of today’s development. We can communicate worldwide via the internet. Internet saves our time and money. Packet data transfer makes everything available anytime. Today we are making an analysis of internet service providers in the category fiber optics broadband internet. We keep one service provider an optional and cheaper rate for the Khulna city zone and this is Smile broadband. Maybe this service isn’t available everywhere in Khulna city. but you can get this available in the main city zone like Khulna Royal more, Nirala, Newmarket area, shonadanga residential area, Daulatpur, KUET, KU, Dakbangla area, etc. One of the Smile representatives informs us they only available from Rupsha to the Khulna Mojgunni area.

Economy Internet service provider in Khulna area (not much user and data available in our hand)

Smile Broadband


This Internet service provider’s research done by a team of BDMETER INFORMATICS, An online Real-time News agency.

In the end, we can say that internet service is a business of quality internet frequency to the user end. In the market, those service provider will give better opportunities for customers, they will sustain for the long run. Our publishing will continue. Thanks

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