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The ultimate aim of education is human refinement. Education should enable the learner to formulate a positive outlook towards life and to accept a stand that suits the well-being of society and the individual as well. The attitude and potential to ‘to work’ have determined the destiny, progress, and cultural development of the human race. As we all are aware, the objective of education is to form a society and individuals having a positive work culture. The educational process expected in and outside our formal schools should concentrate upon inculcating
concepts, abilities, attitudes, and values in tune with these ‘work cultures.’ Hence vocationalised education cannot be isolated from the mainstream of education. In another sense, every educational process should be vocationalised. However, due to our inability to utilize the resources wisely, scarcity of jobs.

Opportunities are a service issue of the present society. For overcoming this deep crisis, emergent techniques have to be sorted out and appropriate researches have to be seriously carried out. It is in this sense that the content and methodology of Vocational Higher Secondary Education have been approached. The Vocational Higher Secondary course was envisaged as a part of the National Policy on Education with the noble idea of securing a job along with education. The relevance of vocational education is very great in this age of unemployment. This education system,
which ensures a job along with higher education stands aloof from other systems of education. A learning environment that ensures vocational aptitude, vocational training, basic life skills, competencies related to different
subjects, appropriate values and attitudes and existential readiness has to be provided here.

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