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SpaceX internet user total 10000

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starlink spacex by tesla

Starlink SpaceX internet have started it’s beta testing Internet service from last year. First accessibility to SpaceX internet to 3 selected countries citizen from USA, Canada, and UK. Recent statistics report is that SpaceX have total 10000 intertnet user now. US news channel CNBC stated that Starlink demands to introduce them as the ideal telecommunication company worldwide. Rubal digital opportunity fund gave millons dollar funding to Satrlink. Regarding this funding, Starlink is trying to expand their satellite internet technology in some other countries.

Starlink already applied for telecommunication company license to FCC. SpaceX sent a letter to FCC stated that they have more than thousands Satellite ?️ in milkiway around earth and their network internet can connect users more than 100/20 megabits per second speed range.

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