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Say NO to corruption: Bangladesh Telecommunication Act

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Penalties for sending obscene messages on the Internet

  • 36 Substitution of section

    69 of Act No. 18 of 2001: Section 69 shall be substituted for the following section 69 of the said Act, namely: –

    Penalties for sending obscene, obscene, etc. messages – if –
    (A). A person proposes to a person engaged in the operation of such equipment for the purpose of sending any obscene, threatening or seriously offensive message with the help of telecommunication equipment or wireless equipment, or

    (B) the second person knowingly or intentionally sends the message in response to the proposal, or

    (C) a person sends obscene, seriously insulting, threatening messages or any other threatening message or any conversation or picture or film to any other person or persons with the help of telecommunication equipment or wireless device for the purpose of extortion.

In that case, the act of the proposer in the case of clause (a) and the proposer and the sender in the case of clause (b) shall be an offense and hence the proposer or, the sender or, as the case may be, both imprisonment of not more than 2 (two) years or not more than 5 (five) crores. The money shall be punishable by fine or both and in case of clause (c) the sender shall be punishable by imprisonment not exceeding 5 (five) years or by fine not exceeding 5 (five) lakhs and by non-payment 03 (three) months imprisonment. ”

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