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Regarding our past news about the best service provider in khulna city, we had published one list based on very few categories. Now bdmeter has started a real-time review rating system based on customer’s real-time voting ratings from Khulna city to identify the best internet service provider in Khulna. After published the last report of the best internet service provider in Khulna , we have received very mixed expressions from our readers and viewers. Due to this reason, we have started a very fair review rating system now this time to identify the best providers in the Khulna zone. We appreciate all of Khulna’s public ratings here in bdmeter, please. After a month rating, then we will calculate it and re-publish the best internet service providers list.

Below listed intertet service provider company list collected online from google map. All Public from khulna requested to vote regarding your usage experience, customers satisfaction and support of service. Rules below need to follow:

  1. Each user can provide a maximum of one vote started.
  2. Give your start rating based on your satisfaction level of your internet service provider.
  3. The vote is open to all public from the Khulna division.
  4. Based on your vote, the final result will publish after 30 days.
  5. All voting system is open on the public.
  6. If any company listing is missing here, you can make a request to add, email to
  7. Any kind of misleading or fake vote found IP will be blocked for further access.
GOISP[gdrts_stars_rating title=”goisp” type=”” id=”32″]
S.S. Ali Isp &[gdrts_stars_rating title=”ssaliisp” type=”” id=”1″]
Link3 TechnologyLargest Internet Service Provider(ISP) link3 logo[gdrts_stars_rating title=”link3″ type=”” id=”2″]
Speed Net Khulnainternet-service-speed-net-khulna-logo[gdrts_stars_rating title=”speednet” type=”” id=”3″]
BTCLBTCL | Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited[gdrts_stars_rating title=”btcl” type=”” id=”4″]
Bahanno ISP[gdrts_stars_rating title=”bahannoisp” type=”” id=”5″]
Khulna Net 24[gdrts_stars_rating title=”khulnanet24″ type=”” id=”6″]
Salt Sync[gdrts_stars_rating title=”saltsync” type=”” id=”7″]
Amber IT[gdrts_stars_rating title=”amberit” type=”” id=”8″]
ICC Communication[gdrts_stars_rating title=”icccommunication” type=”” id=”9″]
Agni[gdrts_stars_rating title=”agni” type=”” id=”10″]
Smile BroadbandHome[gdrts_stars_rating title=”smile” type=”” id=”11″]
Daulatpur OnlineDaulatpuronline[gdrts_stars_rating title=”daulatpuronline” type=”” id=”12″]
Cogent Broadband[gdrts_stars_rating title=”cogentbroadband” type=”” id=”13″]
Red NetRed Network Limited[gdrts_stars_rating title=”rednet” type=”” id=”14″]
Khulna Fiber Link[gdrts_stars_rating title=”khulnafiberlink” type=”” id=”15″]
BK Online[gdrts_stars_rating title=”bkonline” type=”” id=”16″]
Royal Net[gdrts_stars_rating title=”royalnet” type=”” id=”17″]
B Network[gdrts_stars_rating title=”bnetwork” type=”” id=”18″]
Boyra Broadband[gdrts_stars_rating title=”boyrabroadband” type=”” id=”19″]
Jony CableJony Cable Network[gdrts_stars_rating title=”jonycable” type=”” id=”20″]
CNS Online[gdrts_stars_rating title=”cns” type=”” id=”21″]
Entrain BD[gdrts_stars_rating title=”entrainbd” type=”” id=”22″]
iSmartIsmart[gdrts_stars_rating title=”ismart” type=”” id=”23″]
Green Network[gdrts_stars_rating title=”greennetwork” type=”” id=”24″]
Zubair IT[gdrts_stars_rating title=”zubairit” type=”” id=”25″]
Global Voice[gdrts_stars_rating title=”globlvoice” type=”” id=”26″]
Ahon Communication[gdrts_stars_rating title=”ahon” type=”” id=”27″]
DBN Ltd.[gdrts_stars_rating title=”dbn” type=”” id=”28″]
Orchid[gdrts_stars_rating title=”orchid” type=”” id=”29″]
Reza Cable[gdrts_stars_rating title=”rezacable” type=”” id=”30″]
CarnivalCarnival Internet[gdrts_stars_rating title=”carnival” type=”” id=”31″] Real-time rating system

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