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We are Bdmeter, We are a team of friends and most are Engineers, Technologists, Architects, Builders, and Specialists was thinking louder in last 2018 to develop something that can help people. Then we have descided to start a blogsite and we are the Authors from his own position of work. Then we have started our jouney in October 2018. We are trying to help our communities to learn something really important to develop our business, industry, socienty, environment, shelter, health, safety all together.

We are driven by values

Our team work makes us important to the people, to the industry and to our communities. Our value added contents are helping over miilions readers worldwide to learn different terms of business and industry to implement those in practical field. We are so much proud to know when we can heard someone is benefitted to raed us.

Our mission

Our mission and vision is to provide value added real time information and contents free of cost to help our communities to learn about industry and techhnology. Education should be free and have access to all class, level of people.