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Internet/ISP Category Service List Of Bangladesh



Bangladesh is one of the largest population countries in density. From 2005 to 2016, ISP licensed companies decreased from 180 to 119 here in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Government is focusing a sustainable growth in the Telecommunication section all over Bangladesh. In 2021, Bangladesh has a total of 126 licensed ISP and 87 licensed central ISPs.

2G Cellular Mobile Telecom Operator5Download_list
3G Cellular Mobile Telecom Operator4Download_list
4G/LTE Cellular Mobile Telecom Operator4Download_list
Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)4Download_list
Call Centre (International & Domestic)297Download_list
International Gateway (IGW) Services24Download_list
Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Services26Download_list
International Internet Gateway (IIG) Services34Download_list
National Internet Exchange (NIX)9Download_list
Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) Service Provider6Download_list
Vehicle Tracking Services37Download_list
6Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider(IPTSP)36Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Nationwide126Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Central Zone87Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Zonal190Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category A814Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category B128Download_list
Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category C596Download_list
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Operator12Download_list
International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) Services7Download_list
VSAT User12Download_list
VSAT Provider2Download_list
VSAT Provider with HUB3Download_list
VoIP Service Provider649Download_list
Tower Sharing Licenses List4Download_list
TVAS Registration Certificate183Download_list
Category ISP licensed companies in Bangladesh

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