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How to install Air conditioner at home or office

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Why do you need to install an air conditioner at minimum distance from room ceiling? Why don’t your AC working well during summer? Why hottest air decrease AC performance during summer?

A study by Technical University of Denmark looked into the effects of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) on student performance and found they work better in slightly colder environments, so it might help to keep this in mind for children learning from home.

Women, on the other hand, were found to have better mental agility at higher temperatures (26C), according to an experiment conducted by USC Marshall School of Business. More reason to ease up on the air con: when the temperature was over 26C, female performance increased by 27 per cent compared to temperature below 21C.

Don’t crank up the heat when you go to bed though – uninterrupted sleep is better achieved in cooler temperatures of 20C, says The American Sleep Association, because internal temperature drops while sleeping. The same range goes for your at-home workout – exercise is more effective at cooler temperatures, 20C-21C, say medical experts from Duke University.

So the best temperature for mixed-gender places? While 24C is the optimal standard temperature for human occupancy and energy efficiency, a slightly cooler temperature of 22C works best to achieve the highest level of work productivity for men and children.

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