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We believe share knowledge with all of us should be free and open for all as like open source code.

Business Update

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Industry Update

Bdmeter is the industry leader to share more valuable content that is useful for money industry leaders.

Technology Update

Latest technology Updates help business owner to implement new ideas, innovations and help us to know which suits our industry most.


Bdmeter knows how global information are matter and why this is important to share online to make a better future.

We are driven by values

We are driven you me our all of us. Your learning skills matters. This is matter all of us. We collect real-time industry data and share with people to know why things matter.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Bdmeter Technology

“Help me to learn new things and make me skilled to do those things easily, when you come to learn in Bdmeter.”

Marc Weber

“Good space to share your industry new update. This also helps us to find out gaps in our new industry. ”

James Anderson

Let’s share together to grow hard strong future

Bdmeter one of the best information provider of Global industrial revolution and technological disruptions.