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County at Vikings Week 11, 2020 Games Live Discussion

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The Cowboys treat the Vikings to the bone
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Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys.

The week is over. The Cowboys won again against the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas is more likely to try to get a win by playing better football over the past few games.

6 thoughts on “County at Vikings Week 11, 2020 Games Live Discussion

  1. No no no. You guys are wrong. Look this score.. its amazingly changed… Yahooooooo . .. Viking’s rocks..

    VIKINGS 21
    COWBOYS 16


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    1. Yeah, sometimes this can happen, this is entertaining. Thanks

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  2. Hey, you know the Cowboys is doing great. Direct from field. They know how to treat a team like Viking’s I love the Cowboys. Vote to #NFL #cowboys

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  3. We are joining this event live. Really much fun. Support for Vikings #NFL

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  4. Wow, this is great during covid. We appreciate American football league. We love NFL. WE ARE PROUD FOR THIS

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