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complete textile glossary

A complete textile glossary

This Complete Textile Glossary is intended to be a convenient reference for textile terminology.
Although it covers all types of textile terms broadly, its special emphasis is on manufactured
fibers – what they are, how they are made, and how they are used.
The first two editions of this dictionary were published under the title Man-Made Fiber and
Textile Dictionary by the former Celanese Corporation to provide a source for employees. A
the third edition of the dictionary, with expanded listings and illustrations, was offered in response to
numerous requests from customers and others in the textile industry for an up-to-date glossary of
terms encountered in the manufactured fiber and textile trades.
The fourth edition, known as the Dictionary of Fiber and Textile Technology, was produced by
Hoechst Celanese Corporation, and included updated coverage of then-recent developments in
fiber and textile technology.

This current edition has been further updated and expanded to cover recent developments in fiber-
forming polymers, new commercially manufactured fibers, textile equipment advances, and new

applications for textile materials such as geotextiles and advanced composites. New diagrams
have been added to illustrate these developments. We have attempted to convey as much basic
information as is possible without making the book cumbersome.
As in previous editions, generic terms such as dyeing and knitting are handled comprehensively
with specific terms presented under one heading. The more widely used manufactured fibers are
listed by their Federal Trade Commission generic names and definitions, in most cases followed
by a brief description of their manufacture, characteristics, and applications. In the Appendix are
abbreviations, equivalent weights and measures, and various conversion tables and formulas
needed by the textile technologist.
We hope that this dictionary will help to familiarize you with the language of textiles. Only
through you, can we determine its value, and we invite your comments.

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