Industrial Fire Safety Management System

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Industrial Fire Safety Management System

This article will help you to learn about industrial fire safety management system implementation, analysis, and inspection systems to install fire safety management systems in your own industrial premises.

We have completed our fire safety project implementation in an Indonesian Apparel manufacturer industry location is “Jl. Raya Wantilan RT.07/03, Ds. Wantilan, Kec. Wantilan, Kab. Subang, Jawa Barat”

In this fire safety project implementation, a total of 1164 Employees attended and, contributed their efforts to make this project successful.

In this project, they are making mostly all kinds of knit garments and textiles. Their major market is USA (95%) + Other Region (5%)

Background of implementation

  • Commitment to creating safe working conditions.
  • Convince our business partners → Good relationship
  • Secure our assets → Employees, Buildings, machines, etc.)
  • Comply with government regulations and requirements of our buyers

Fire Safety Management

  • Procedure of Fire Safety
  • Structure of Fire Safety Management
  • Fire Protection Facilities
  • Training & Signs
  • Maintenance

Procedure for Emergency Response

Fig: Procedure of emergency response

Organizational Structures

The industry needs to create an emergency response team to maintain fire safety management responsibilities in prompt action during the crisis period.

[General Manager]
|——-> [F.C.O]
[HR Manager]
+ ——–> [Management]
+ ——–> [Production]
+ ——–> [Store]
+ ——–> [Cutting]
+ ——–> [Sewing]
+ ——–> [Finishing]
+ ——–> [Logistics]
+ ——–> [Quality]
+ ——–> [Compliance]
+ ——–> [Admin]

Active Fire Protection Facilities

Type of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Manual Call Point:

Manual call point

Automatic fire detection:

Automatic fire detection


  • Testing and maintenance
  • Guaranteed power supply

Location of Fire Detection & Alarm System

Device Location Number
Smoke detector Fabric Wearhouse 2
Accessories & fabric relaxation 2
Cutting area 3
Sewing area 3
Ironing area 1
Packing area 2
Manual call point Fabric Wearhouse 1
Accessories & fabric relaxation 1
Sewing area 1

Table: location of fire detection and alarm system

Fire classification

fig: fire classification

Firefighting equipment and facilities

fig: firefighting equipment

Manual fire suppression

Fire extinguisher


Automatic fire suppression

Thermatics fire extinguisher

Thermatics Fire Extinguisher

  • Fast and easy to installed
  • Free treatment
  • Can be moved
  • Does not disturb the production
  • The cost of purchase is relatively less expensive compared to the installation of fire sprinkler systems, fire sprinkler systems as requiring the installation of pipes and pumps

fig: thermatics fire extinguisher

Location of firefighting equipments

fig: Location of firefighting equipment

Emergency lights

fig: emergency lights

Evacuation Routes

fig: evacuation route

Electricity Panel

fig: electrical panel

Fire Evacuation Drill

fig: evacuation drill

fig: fire evacuation drill

Fire Safety Training

fig: fire safety training by fire station, in every 6 month

Control and Record

fig: fire safety control & record chart

Fire safety signs

fig: fire safety signs in the industry

Benefits of Fire Safety Management Implementation

  • Increase employee morale by allaying fire safety concerns.
  • Increase employee fire safety and awareness on their workplace.
  • Employees understand how to minimize potential fire hazards.
  • Gain the trust of the buyers and associates.
  • Fire risks can be controlled.

Reference: This document is prepared by a group of textile engineers, apparel technologists, compliance personnel, and a group of industry experts to educate the industrial workforce about fire safety management. This data is being fully prohibited to copy/paste or, reproduce by other parties. - All data authority is bdmeter informatics.