What is COP26 And Why Its Matter

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What is COP26 And Why Its Matter

UK hosts a summit amongst United Nations countries to talk about global climate changes, how to tackle this situation and what necessary steps should take in immediate action is called COP26.

It was a plan to host in Glasgow, in a city of Scotland in November 2020 last year and attend more than 200 world countries leader, but due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the COP26 program delayed more than a year.

But this now, COP26 is starting in Glasgow by this year 2021, from 31st October to 12th November. The main target of this summit is to take some important decisions to stop the bad impact on global climate change and take immediate action to implement those COP26 necessary measures globally.

COP26 means the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. A COP—an acronym for “conference of the parties” Has taken place every year since 1995, This year is the 26th iteration of the UNFCCC conference, which is called COP26.

The climate summit’s aim is to agree on new measures to meet pledges for emissions cuts and financial support made under the Paris Agreement reached in 2015.

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Why does COP26 is matter?

Most people considered that climate changes are the main reason for the current situation of the world. Most of us is thinking that the Cvid-19 outbreaks happened due to the huge global pollution, and vast climate changes, continuity of toxic Carbon emissions, Methane gas emission, seawater pollution, increasing polyethylene usage, manufacturing and disposes of, all those impacts on global temperature has been increasing more rapidly. These changes impact our environment, animals, crops, trees as well as their threat to the existence of mankind.

What Scientists are saying?

Now we are here with COP26, to ask the scientists what should we do, how general people can contribute to saving our future, how to lead a lifestyle to invest our own efforts to build our future… Maybe we can expect some comments, let’s hope…