How To Identify Fake News In Facebook

How To Identify Fake News In Facebook

Now-a-days, many people is publishing fake news in Facebook. Some people use facebook to make fake news posting to create sudden problem in countywide. There are many ways you can identify that news is fake / true.

How to make sure facebook news post quality:

  1. Check any link added to the post written or not.
  2. Go to the link (you need internet active connection to browse link)
  3. Check the news source
  4. If you know the source is reputed newspaper or any government notice from registered government website always have *.gov extension.
  5. If found any newspaper website eg. Doinik bangla, then search google to know about the website eg. Doinik bangla
  6. If you found google is showing any result from wikipedia, then go to check wikipedia. Reputed public newspaper always have verified articles in wiki information.
  7. If you live in BANGLADESH, you can call to 999 to verify the news is authentic or not.

This is not fare to publish fake news in facebook and you can take legal actions against fake news publised in Facebook.

You can check recent publised fake news of lockdown in BANGLADESH, is totally fake in Facebook. You can check this to get source of news information of lockdown in BANGLADESH is totally fake.

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