Factory Audit Form and Guidelines

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Factory Audit Form and Guidelines

If you want to prepare a report based on your factory Audit/observation, you need to focus on some important factors. We have prepared a list of guidelines you can follow during the Audit factory apparel or garment or textile industry and prepare a report based on below specific key facts:


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Factory Name: ABC LTD
Factory Address: EFG, TX

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Below is the key checkpoint and answer to the right side of the table:

Fire Checkpoints

Emergency exit(s) blocked or locked

Tips & Reminders: Exit(s) is/ are blocked by very heavy items or large machines which cannot be moved immediately; Any exits are locked during work hours
Evacuation routes are blocked

Both internal & external evacuation routes, blocked stairways leading to emergency exits with cartons/bags
Evidence of smoking/open fire/flame/ignition sources near an area of combustible, flammable & explosive materials

Tips & Reminders: Cigarette butts, used matches, lighters, sparks from welding or other maintenance-related activities, flame, etc. in or near chemical storage/drums/tank, oil (diesel/benzene) drums/tanks, material & finished goods warehouses, boiler area
Highly flammable/combustible materials (paper, cartons, clothes, fabric, flammable liquid, etc.) are kept/stored in the generator/boiler/LT room

Tips & Reminders: All types of gasoline including diesel, other flammable liquids, gases, wood/plywood, plastic, fabric, and paper. If no generator/boiler/LT room, then select "Not Applicable"
A fire detector is not equipped at the combustible material area and alarm systems are not visible and accessible

Tips & Reminders: Combustible material area includes raw material/trims/ cardboard/ finished goods warehouse

Electrical Checkpoints

Protective devices are bypassed (MCCB/MCB/Fuses)

Tips & Reminders: Input & output terminals of MCCB/MCB/ELCB are directly connected by wire/cable (MCCB: Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
MCB: Miniature Circuit Breaker)
Motors/Drill machine/Grinding machine/Electric iron/Spray Gun/Electric Kettle etc. are not connected with ECC

Tips & Reminders: Heavy electrical equipment and hand tools are not connected with matching grounded plug-socket units, improperly bonded (ECC: Earth Continuity Conductor (grounding))
Electrical safety is not well maintained

Tips & Reminders: Unprotected live conductors (wires) dangling above, snaking through on the floor of the workshop. Broken connecting ports for the motor, socket, and switches. Live terminals are not protected. Electrical panels are blocked. Hole(s) on panels, breakers, switches, and junction boxes. Cable glands are not used to provide dust & vermin-proof.
Unused openings are not blocked, larger gland size is too big for the cable.

Structural Checkpoints

The residential facility is housed within the production/factory building.

Tips & Reminders: Rooftop add-on structure for residence, overnight guest facility/dormitory housed within the structure where production takes place
The rooftop is used to store heavy materials or heavy machinery
Tips & Reminders: Rooftop houses generator/boiler, storage of unneeded production machines, materials, office, unlicensed watchtower or water tanks, even as a temporary measure.
Additional floors added beyond legally certified/approved

Tips & Reminders: Building permits, factory layout approval, fire license, a sign of structural modification without a proper permit
Visible structural crack/deficiencies/potential collapse

Tips & Reminders: Crack on column, beam, and slab. Concrete spalling, water pooled on the roof

Social Checkpoints

Presence of unauthorized sub-contracting

Tips & Reminders: The factory is physically smaller than the production capacity claimed. Cut pieces are present in the shipping area, finished goods present or inspection of finished goods in receiving area, interview production planner, check subcontractor invoice/payment records, factory gate registration
Presence of underage workers

Tips & Reminders: If suspected, check the personnel files for those who appear underage
Presence of harassment or physical abuse

Tips & Reminders: Observe if verbal abuse (yelling/screaming at workers for emotional intimidation) or physical abuse (pushing or hitting workers for discipline/punishment) is practiced
No free access to toilet and drinking water

Tips & Reminders: Access to toilet or drinking water is restricted
Irregular wage payment

Tips & Reminders: Are you paid on a regular basis? on a fixed date? any delay? Each question must be asked to 5 randomly selected workers.
Yes = Wage payment is irregular

Factory audit checkpoints

Others Checkpoints

Other concerns observed:


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