How to setup IP TV in Samsung Smart TV

How to setup IP TV in Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TV so much popular now a days because we can see satellite TV channels and IP TV, browsing web, can use smart TV applications and android TV with all android smart phone features. You can see live TV streaming online via IP TV service provider connectivity. Customer can use application to see IP TV and use internet browser to see IP TV live streaming online.


  1. Samsung smart tv or Samsung android TV
  2. Broadband internet connectivity.
  3. IP TV live streaming service connectivity / you can buy online IP TV service via different global provider.
  4. Minimum 4 Mbps broadband internet connectivity.

Connect your smart TV with internet. You can Connect direct LAN cable or via wifi connection. Follow this simple steps:

  1. Go to your samsung smart tv web browser eg. Chrome or, default browser.
  2. Open browser and type your IP TV server address eg.
  3. Simply TV will starts in web browser. You can change channel by your remote control in browser.
  4. If TV not started streaming automatically, may be codec missing. Contact your IP tv service provider and tell them issue that IP tv not streaming in your smart TV web browser. They will fix codex in their server play to support in your smart TV browser.