Assault connected to ladies clad in T-shirts

Autonomous administrator Rezaul Karim Bablu on Tuesday advised parliament that women’s activists are at fault for the ascent of assault episodes the nation over. He even supported the usage of the “tamarinds hypothesis (ladies resemble tamarinds, men will salivate at seeing them, thus they should stay covered)” of late Hefajat-e-Islam supremo Ahmad Shafi.

Following is a portion of the extemporaneous meeting:

How could it day break on you that women’s activists are answerable for the ascent of assault occurrences in the nation?

Bangabandhu framed the Women’s Rehabilitation Board on February 16, 1972. That board continuously turned into the Ministry of Women’s Welfare Foundation and the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. The public authority has been working for the restoration of ladies and their privileges constantly, particularly under the administration of our head administrator.

Bangladesh has a culture. Parliament has affirmed capital punishment for assault, and we as a whole like this as a convenient measure. There is a social custom in Bangladesh.

It would not be correct on the off chance that anybody takes what I implied by “women’s activists” actually or organisationally. What I implied was not to go past the strategy of the public authority or strict standards. For instance, when I go out in the city, in the event that I don’t wear legitimate garments, on the off chance that I stroll around wearing a T-shirt - that was what I implied.

I don’t get your meaning by appropriate garments? Is there any law in the constitution that denies ladies to wear T-shirts? For what reason would it be an offense if a lady comes out on the road wearing a T-shirt and what does it have to do with assault occurrences?

Obviously, assault has something to do with wearing a T-shirt and going out in the city. At whatever point an adult lady strolls down the road in revolting attire, distorted men with abhorrent aim will take a gander at her.

At that point the issue lies with the man.

We should get to the base of that evil.

Things being what they are, the place where is that root?

We as a whole need to get that.

We need to know your agreement. Nusrat and Tanu used to be completely concealed and they didn’t wear shirts, yet they were survivors of assault. How would you clarify that?

We can’t accept those episodes as specific illustrations. We should zero in on the general issue. The shrewd cravings of those distorted men originate from watching individuals in the city or online erotic entertainment. Their desire is made in one spot and they misuse it in another.

Do you think keeping up hijab will stop these shocking demonstrations?

Not generally, yet will check it extraordinarily.

You needed the execution of the “tamarinds hypothesis” of Hefajat’s late amir Ahmad Shafi.

We know about the clarification given by Maulana Shafi Sahib. We have our own way of life and social framework. We can’t contrast our way of life and that of the “free-sex nations” of the West, which isn’t worthy here.

You are discussing free-sex of the West. Will you be more explicit about which nations you are alluding to?

I have visited France and Spain.

Do you mean France and Spain are free-sex nations?

On the off chance that you consider things lexically, at that point it won’t help. In these nations, ladies appreciate total opportunity. After the age of 18, a young lady can not, at this point be controlled by her folks. In our nation, families follow diverse accepted practices and we have to keep them.

You are discussing our way of life. What is the way of life of Bangladesh - shari, hijab or pants and shirt?

I don’t mean shari or shirt as reference in our way of life. It is tied in with dressing appropriately.

I don’t get your meaning by dressing acceptably?

It’s not about garments but rather additionally about how we move around. One clothing standard won’t characterize how nice we are.

It is safe to say that we are not acting like good individuals?

A large number of us are following, yet I likewise notice deviation.

That is the reason you need the “tamarinds hypothesis” to be actualized?

It isn’t fundamental that we should actualize that hypothesis. It is about our moms and sisters going anyplace and introducing themselves with a specific goal in mind so degenerates won’t get a chance and be incited to assault.

This will decrease assault occurrences. Simultaneously, the manner in which the public authority is upholding the law will likewise check it. In any case, a law alone can’t tackle this issue. We will likewise need to battle this shocking wrongdoing socially.

Do you think fair attire should be remembered for the counter assault laws?

A law alone won’t help on the off chance that we as residents don’t have the attention to the law. Legitimate commitments must be related with our mindfulness.

A couple of days back, you went to the conversation with an image of weapons in your grasp on a Facebook post. What is the condition of lawfulness? For what reason do you need weapons?

It dislike that. Numerous individuals, including MPs and temporary workers, can save arms for their own wellbeing with the authorization of the public authority. I likewise took it for my security. In the event that you investigate the image that has been distributed, you will see that I was simply having a vibe of the weapon in the showroom. One of the individuals who was with me posted the image.

The photograph was posted from your own Facebook profile. Does it mean the law authorities are insufficient to secure a MP or contractual workers like you or others? Also, is this the explanation that you are keeping your own weapons and powers?

What you said is overstated. The truth of the matter is that that the current government has redesigned the Bangladesh Police and made it more grounded.

At that point for what reason do you need individual weapons?

As individuals’ agents, we need to travel a great deal and go to places around evening time. Once in a while we don’t have police with us. Thus, we need weapons for individual security.