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Bangladesh High court ordered to ban 25 family members of P.K Haldar to leave country

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Thousands kr money misappropriation claimed fugitive P.K Haldar family total 25 members banned to leave country, Bangladesh High court ordered today 5th January 2021.

Businessman P.K Haldars mother, relatives including his few company employees total 25 members can’t leave Bangladesh High court ordered today.

Proshanto Kumar Haldar or, P.K Haldar was flying Bangladesh last year after occurance of bank money misappropriation, he was the Executive Director of that Bank. He was connected with several non-government organization and other businessman also connected with them.

Outside Bank, PK Haldar has claimed of money laundering in four financial organization total three thousand five hundred kr Bangladeshi Taka.

Dhaka Police sent a letter to Interpol for help to return back P.K Haldar to home country.

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