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AQL Inspection System

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inspection report aql

inspection report

What is AQL Inspection System?

AQL Inspection System to Merchandisers
AQL stands for Acceptable Quality Level. AQL is an internationally recognized standard for
inspection. It determines the number of samples to be picked and inspected randomly and the
maximum defect quantity allowed in order to pass the inspection.
Here is an example:
Step 1: First to get customer quality requirement

Step 2 : Check AQL table 1 to get batch size
 Row : Lot/batch size range 501-1,200
 Column – Level II
 Sample size is “J


Step 3: Check AQL table 2 to get sample size, acceptance quantity, and rejection quantity
 Row “J” – the sample size is “80
 Column “2.5” – Acceptable no. (Ac) is “5”, Rejection no. (Re) is “6”

Pick inspection samples randomly. Determine ACCEPT or REJECT by compare AQL Standard
with actual defect quantity.
Inspection result :
a) If the actual defect quantity is equal (5) or less than ACCEPT, the inspection is PASSED.
b) If the actual defect quantity is equal (6) or greater than REJECT, the inspection is FAILED.
Different customers may apply different AQL level and l standards. Major and minor defects are
also categorized differently.
Professional merchandisers should clearly understand customer’s QAL requirements, find
capable factories that match the requirements and ensure the products meet the agreed AQL

AQL Sampling Plan
Single sampling plan for normal inspection

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