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A Present Bangladesh Government Teacher is Staying in USA!

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An assistant teacher of a primary school in Mirzapur, Tangail, migrated to America one and half year ago on a three-month leave. The local education office unable to communicate with her and could not take any action against her. The name of the teacher who migrated to America is Tania Rahman. She is an Assistant teacher at Bawar Kumarjani Government Primary School No. 27 in Mirzapur Municipality.

According to the Upazila Education Office, Tania Rahman took leave from school from July 3, 2019 to October 2, 2019 due to personal problems. She left for America with his family on July 2 of the same year. Tania Rahman has not had any contact with the school since then. Although the Upazila Education Office sent a letter to her address asking for an apology more than once, no one accepted it.

The last letter was sent to Tania Rahman’s address on 23 July 2020 asking for an explanation. No one accepted that letter even not her father either.

Delwara Begum, the Headmaster of Kumarjani Government Primary School in Bawar, could not be reached after several attempts to contact on her mobile phone. Mirzapur Upazila Education Officer, Mr. Alamgir Hossain said that Assistant teacher Tania Rahman took three months leave. After a long search for missing school teacher, discovered that she left for America. No reply was received even after repeated letters to her. The higher authorities have been informed about his current position.

If anyone from USA know about anything about this Teacher Tania Rahman, requested to contact here :

info@bdmeter.info; sharon.lifung@gmail.com;

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Missing Tania Rahman

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