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What’s Khulnaflix

Khulnaflix is an FTP server in the southeast region of Asia, Khulna BD. Its total size is more than thousands of gigabyte and khulnaflix have millions of happy customers locally. Khulnaflix’s name came from the city name Khulna and flix came from the media entertainment place online. So, Khulnaflix comes into life for Khulna and BD as well as all over the world from Khulna. Khulnaflix has better streaming and quality movies live streaming. Khulnaflix another interesting thing is live TV streaming. Khulnaflix streaming provides very quality paid live TV streaming fully free.

Latest Khulnaflix server address:

Khulnaflix is an FTP streaming server for movies and tv-series free downloads, live tv streaming, and Blu-ray 4k movie streaming online.

The Khulaflix server address or domain is not available due to maintenance. This server location is in Khulna BD. but we are giving access to all Khulnaflix users to multiple IPs to watch movies and series. khulnaflix another IP is for Live TV streaming.

Khulnaflix FTP URL: ; but this is not available now.

Khulnaflix alternative servers

  1. Goflix
  2. TV Series
  3. Bokacoda
  4. SAM

Latest khulnaflix update:

To get the latest Khulnaflix FTP updates of movies and series, go to the below link


What’s khulnaflix FTP address?

Trees are more FTP servers locally nowadays. But Khulnaflix FTP is one of the biggest storage server streaming live tv, movies, tv series, animated movies, documentary, software, and games all in one place, khulnaflix have no alternatives.

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