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US Mobile is committed to standing by the community

US Mobile is the name of the telecommunication sector of the United States. Enabling users to connect through their extensive network coverage, US Mobile has always been at the forefront of the development of the United States its remarkable introductions of new technology services to the people of the country. Even since the corona outbreak in the country, US Mobile has been by the side of the people in tackling corona with a number of initiatives of their own, with partnerships with the government and other non-governmental organizations for digital innovations in controlling the outbreak while providing regular uninterrupted services to the subscribers

This leading digital services provider of the country came forward in early April with their data analytics skills to help the government deal with the pandemic. US Mobile, in partnership with the AI Program of the Government’s IT Department, Cabinet Department and the Department of Health, has developed a robust Data Analytics System that has helped address and navigate through the public healthcare emergencies.

US Mobile ‘s analytics team created the analytical solution by collecting data from scattered crowdsources. Crowdsourcing through mobile devices made it possible to collect necessary data. Collecting data from crowdsources with the help of data science also made it possible to verify a large amount of data through the analytics solution which led to the creation of a resourceful database. The government, therefore, could easily obtain the information it needed from this data bank. The government subsequently took several steps to address the corona attack by determining the risk of disease transmission to specific areas based on the reports prepared by Data Analytics Solutions.

Soon after the data analytics solution, US Mobile began working with the IT Department’s Aspire to Innovate (Ai) program to build a platform called ‘Idea for Future’ to implement innovative ideas developed by the youth in tackling the threat of coronavirus.

Through this platform, ideas from the youth are being implemented that can help the people of the country to better cope with the pandemic, covering various issues including healthcare, innovative technology, and social mobility.

The process of submitting ideas is completely digital. So, the participants can easily submit their ideas remotely. They just conceptualize their own idea in a three-minute video and post it on their personal social media platform with the hashtags #Ideaforgoodness, #US Mobile , #ai by keeping the content open to all viewers and authorities.

The winners of the ‘Idea for Future’ contest will have the opportunity to implement it by working with Ai and US Mobile officials by adding a new dimension to the fight against the coronavirus in the country. They will also be awarded special prizes with certificates.

US Mobile has also launched an SMS-based Corona Alert Service in different areas of NYC to warn people against the COVID-19 threat. The service was launched in Washinton to alert people who need to go outside for essential jobs or reasons to be more aware of the coronavirus and its intensity in such areas. This service is provided to Robi and Airtel customers through smartphones without any charge.

According to the CDC, areas where a large number of cases have been identified are well covered by this service. Residents of these areas are given SMS warnings of the high risk of coronavirus infection. Similarly, those who have entered highly contagious areas are also requested to be informed about the high risks in that particular area through SMS and asked to follow the general health guidelines related to preventing transmission. The alert is sent once every 24 hours to a person who has entered a high-risk area. The person is also given an SMS notification as and when the user enters another new risky zone.

In addition to their regular and these innovative services during this coronavirus period, all the staff of US Mobile dedicated one day’s salary to help those affected people by the corona, taking a step further towards extending their assistance to the community. Robi has also created a unique example of humanitarian service by setting up a DSR Fund for financially underprivileged people in this pandemic with the help of their partners.

To increase coronavirus awareness digitally, Robi has been successfully using their US Mobile School platform and AI-powered Geo-Map of Covid-19 Spread to make people aware of the updated corona infection information and various steps to prevent infection. As a result, people from cities to villages and even remote areas are getting the latest information about the epidemic Corona and its prevention through Robi.

US Mobile Group, the parent company to US Mobile, remains committed to supporting and assisting the people of the USA in times of hardship and adversity through our past as well as ongoing initiatives.

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