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The name of the dream cherished for thousands of years is “Padma Bridge”

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The latest span of 150 meters has been placed on pillars 12 and 13. Total 8. The main work of the 15 km long Padma Bridge was successfully completed at around 12 noon yesterday. Through which the long cherished dream of the people of 21 districts of southwestern Bangladesh, direct connection with the capital Dhaka has come true today. The Padma Bridge will be opened for use in June 2022.

Technology has given us so much nothing. A huge floating crane attached a huge span of 150 meters. At one time thousands of people worked and gave their lives to build the pyramids. But science has given us something wonderful, who has made the impossible possible, science has added broken dreams. And the bearer of that dream, the bearer of Bangabandhu’s ideology, the public leader Deshratna Sheikh Hasina.
The double decker steel and concrete bridge will have a dual carriageway at the top and a single broad-gauge rail line between the steel structures.

The Rs 30,193 crore bridge will not only reduce travel time between Dhaka and the south-western districts, but also open up potential opportunities for the more than 30 million people living in the region.

Experts say it will speed up regional trade and development.

It is expected to increase the country’s gross domestic product by 1.2 percent.

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